We are an artisan patisserie and catering company making handmade savoury & sweet pastries and desserts. We based in the heart of French countryside in beautiful medieval Montcuq 46800 (close to the Tarn et Galronne /Lot border). Nothing pretentious, obsessed by quality, driven by flavour, everything from the pies and sausage rolls to canapes and cakes are handmade with the comfort of home cooking and finest artisan flavours, Light buttery pastry, meat or vegetarian fillings packed full of flavour and thoughtful combinations. You will find us at the markets above every weekend (holidays permitting) and hopefully at Bourg-de-visa 82022 Tarn et garonne for summer night markets. 

We also cater for intimate casual weddings, events and buffets locally.          See CATERING  for more details. 

Everything is entirely hand made by us from local ingredients. We use french butter, mainly french Bio or similar flour, limousin beef etc,. We live in Montcuq and it is all made in Montcuq. Familiar  favourites such as Steak and kidney pie, Cornishish pasties, pork pies, pillowy tea cakes to Rich chocolate Brownies.  We also now have added a small range of apéro breads and savouries plus dessert cheesecakes, banoffee pie etc. The menu changes slightly each weekend. Check out on facebook or menu on this site.                                  
For the sweet selections we are known especially for our traybakes, Carrot cake, lemon drizzle, scones,  Brownies. We also do a mean Celebration cake too! See Gateaux 

For many years we were known for our celebration cakes which the gallery will show more past designs. From a car to a naked wedding cake anything is possible! Due to covid and cancellations, curfews, limited guests at events, we are happy to take bookings for cakes and catering and appreciate things can change at short notice. So long as we have 2 weeks notice there is no payment issues. 

Bon appétit

Al & Max 

British Bakery France

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