Extraordinary Cakes & Handmade Pies

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If you want a handmade cake that tastes as good as home-made, then this is the Bakery that you are looking for!

Having many years experience making Weddings Cakes, Birthday Cakes, Anniversary Cakes and Bespoke Cakes (for every occasion, and in every possible style) baked in our French Bakery.

The aim is to strive to meet your expectations visually, as well as making a handmade cake that tastes delicious.
All cakes are freshly baked from scratch using quality ingredients, no artificial flavours or bulking agents. 

We can produce gluten free however the premises do contain wheat products. No products are made with walnuts but other nuts may be present in the premises 

The Bakery has always been known for quirky designs, it is often said no one comes to us for a traditional cake!
We cater for all tastes and as every event is unique we rarely do exactly the same design twice.
Wedding, Chocolate & 3D cakes are our speciality!

Christmas, Easter and cutting cakes are available, bespoke designs are made to your exact specifications. 

British Bakery France Pies

Nothing pretentious, obsessed by quality, driven by flavour, the pies and sausage rolls are handmade with the comfort of home cooking and finest artisan flavours.
Light buttery pastry, meat or vegetarian fillings packed full of flavour and thoughtful combinations.

#Artisan Puff pastry Sausage rolls
# Individual generously filled shortcrust and puff pastry pies
# Family Pies
#Hot water crust raised pies sold by the slice or centrepiece pie