Market Schedule:

*Saturday morning                                          MONTAIGU DE QUERCY 82150  - Eclectic food and mixed market    

*Sunday mornings 2022
MONTCUQ 46800 - Produce, local food and general market. Summer months popular with tourists.

Contactless or chip n pin card payments accepted over 10€

Meat Pies 4.50€ unless stated:

*Steak slow cooked in Guinness 4.50€                                               *Steak & kidney 4.50€           *Chicken and Mushroom in creamy white wine sauce 4.50€                        *Chicken, coconut, butternut, spinach curry  4.50€                             

Vegetarian Pies 4.50€

*Homity Potato leek onion cheddar chives                                                     * Butternut goat cheese spinach red onion

*Veggie Curry Sweet potato spinach peppers coconut




Cornish style Pasty  5.00€

Cheese and onion puff pastry 4.50€                                          Vegetable Cornish Style  (Swede potato & onion)  4.50


Sausage rolls    3€                    

* Jumbo BBQ pulled pork 

*Jumbo Sausage roll                    *Pork & sage & onion stuffing Sausage roll    3e

 *Pork pies individual size 3€